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Meet The Team

Greg Einfeld
Co-founder and Chief Financial Planner
An actuary by background, Greg loves numbers. In fact - he loves numbers so much he spent 20 years at MLC running their Life Insurance business. While at MLC he discovered a second passion - helping people with their numbers. Since his time at MLC Greg has established himself as a financial planner with a reputation for helping manage life's complex financial problems. He founded Plenty based on his firm belief that good financial advice should be the right of the plenty - not of the wealthy. Greg is in charge of all the high quality advice our clients receive.
Josh Golombick
Co-founder and General Manager
Josh Golombick spent four years in the equity research team at a global investment bank before leaving to enter the world of start-ups. Through White Collar Quotes, his first start-up, and through his own experiences using a financial adviser he noticed three important things; 1. Good financial advice is very valuable, 2. Good financial advice is very hard to find and 3. Good financial advice is prohibitively expensive. These 3 epiphanies led to the foundation of a Plenty - a fully automated online adviser that makes good financial advice more accessible to more people.
Get your money working harder for you.