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Superannuation Advice for Young and Old

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Superannuation is usually a person's biggest asset (or their second biggest). Despite this fact, we put more thought and effort into saving an extra 10% on our energy bill than we ever would into our superannuation.

This isn't surprising - it's human psychology to care more about current you than future you. Superannuation companies also don't want you caring too much about your super as it would be much harder for them to charge their $35bn in fees each year.

At Plenty we understand how important your superannuation is, we also know that the fees you pay in super play a HUGE role in how much you are going to end up with in retirement. That is why one of our major goals at Plenty is to find you a lower-cost superannuation fund.

We are very focussed on fees rather than performance because picking a fund that outperforms the market over 20-30 or 40 years is nearly impossible. In fact - studies have shown that even over a 5 or 10 year period 90% of super funds will underperformed an index fund of similar risk after fees and taxes.

It is also important that your superannuation is invested in the right assets given your goals and risk profile - that is why we also tell you exactly what assets to hold in your fund.

How Plenty Helps With Your Superannuation
Understanding Your Preferences

To get you into the best superannuation fund we first need to understand more about you and what you are looking for in your superannuation.

Are you looking for the lowest possible fees? A broad range of investment options? Somebody to manage your investments 24/7? Once we understand all these facts about you we will be in the best position to give you superannuation advice.

Superannuation Analysis

Understanding your fees is an important step in finding you a lower cost fund - unfortunately this is no simple task; in fact in 2018 a 232 page report was released on the ways to improve disclosing fees & costs in superannuation.

Plenty automatically analyses your existing superannuation arrangements to allow us to do a superannuation fee comparison. Once we have completed this comparison we can get to work finding you a low - cost superannuation fund.

Selecting a Low-Cost Superannuation Fund

Plenty currently recommends ING Direct Living Super to our clients where the fund meets your preferences. We do not get any commission, kick-backs or high fives from ING for using their product - we purely select it as it's low cost and allows us to give you great service.

We are constantly searching the market to make sure you are in the best superannuation fund given your situation and preferences.

Superannuation Advice

Along with telling you where we think your superannuation should be we also tell you exactly what assets you should purchase with your super. This recommendation is personalised and based off a multitude of factors.

Like our investment advice, we utilise a passive investment strategy that involves a portfolio of hand-picked ETFs that will give you exposure to a wide variety of assets.

Rollover & Implementation & Management

Once you have received advice from us, we can assist with the rollover of your super to our selected fund digitally. This happens through the click of a few buttons.

From there we can implement your super recommendations and manage your ongoing contributions for just 0.3% per year.

Evolving Superannuation Advice

While your superannuation investments shouldn't change too often, there is a need to make sure your investments align with your stage in life. As an example, as your get older your investments should be weighted more to defensive assets (i.e bonds). Plenty gives you the ability to get superannuation advice anytime of the day or night. This means as your life and goals change your investments will always be in the right place.

Getting superannuation advice is free in your personalised financial roadmap. Click the button below to get started now.
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