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Robo and Investment Advisor
Long and Short Term Investment Ideas

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  • Life Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning

Plenty can advise you on where best to invest your cash to help you reach your long and short-term goals.

We act as your investment advisor utilising a passive investment strategy (the same supported by Warren Buffett) investing in low cost ETF funds. Passive (or index) investing involves mimicking the returns of indexes.

Our recommendation will involve a portfolio of hand-picked ETFs that will give you exposure to a wide variety of assets (Australian Shares, International Shares, bonds, gold etc.). Our low cost investment recommendations are based off your existing financial position, your goals and your risk tolerance.

Some of you might be thinking that all this sounds very familiar to the robo-advice platforms that have launched in recent years in Australia. While our methodology certainly is familiar to other robo-advisors, our considerations when making a recommendation are far greater.

Plenty considers your complete financial picture when giving an investment recommendation - this means we consider your goals, your other liabilities, your superannuation and a whole lot more before giving the recommendation. On the other hand, Robo-advisers will give their recommendation based on answers to just 6 or 7 questions. This means your investment advice with Plenty is far more tailored and personalised to your situation. The table below highlights the differences:

Passive investment approach
Utilise ETFs
Portfolio construction & selection
Digital Implementation
Recommend alternative strategies
Consider entire financial picture
Ability to speak to a human adviser
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How Plenty Helps With Your Investments
Deliver Low Cost Investment Advice

Our investment advice forms part of your financial roadmap and is given for free. The advice will list the amount of cash you should invest in a series of hand-selected ETFs.

We are working on a solution which will allow us to implement and managed the investment recommendations we make digitally. Once this is built we will charge 0.3% p/a fee.

Plenty believes good financial advice should be the right of the Plenty, not the wealthy and that is why we offer our investment advice at such a low cost.

Stop You Earning 1.5% at The Bank

From the 2000 to 2018 the Australian equity market has grown at an average of 8.5% per year (compared to 2-3% in a bank account) - this means that if you invested $10,000 in 2000 your money would be worth north of $40,000 today.

There have, of course, been times in the last 20 years when markets have gone down, but, overall investing makes sense - especially over the long term. Knowing where and how much to invest is very challenging and, historically, only the wealthy could afford professional investment advice - not anymore .

Help You Understand If Investing is Right for You

A lot of robo-advisers and other investment advisors will always recommend you invest - there are often situations where investing is not right given your financial situation.

Plenty's platform will assess what is the best course of action for your savings - it might be investing but it might be paying down your mortgage, parking your money in an offset account, paying down credit card debt or contributing more into super.

Get You Investing for the Medium or Long term

Our investment advice is tailored to your goals, personality and overall financial situation. If you are 32 and looking to buy a home in 3 years' time our recommendations will be very different than if you are 32 and trying to save for your retirement.

Similarly, if you are comfortable with risk and investing in shares our advice will be different than if you have never owned shares.

Tailored Recommendations

Plenty's investment advice considers every aspect of your financial situation. Our recommendations are low-cost, diversified investment portfolios that are set up to deliver you returns over the medium to long term.

Stop worrying about how little interest you are earning on your savings - investment advice is included in every Plenty Financial Roadmap
Get your money working harder for you.