Taxi vs Uber (Hint: Winner is Uber)
June 4, 2015 .

Uber. Oh Uber. The whole team at Plenty loves Uber. Some would call us “Evangelists” – I just think we love saving money.

Yes – we decided to settle the Taxi vs Uber debate once and for all by looking at the numbers.

There is no debate (sorry) – Uber is cleaner, more convenient and (most importantly) cheaper. A lot cheaper. In Sydney and Brisbane it’s 40% cheaper and in Perth and Melbourne 20% cheaper. Yes – there is surge pricing (Uber increases the pricing when demand is high to get more drivers on the road) but in this authors ~25 Uber rides there has only been surge pricing twice and even then – it needs to be 1.5x or greater to be more expensive than a taxi. We love Uber so much we created this infographic:



Notes on numbers

  • We are comparing at peak hours (between 6am-10pm).
  • Differences off peak are even greater (up to 80% in Sydney and above 50% in all states) but surge pricing is more likely.
  • Fares are estimates based on real life Uber examples and number provided by taxi industries in each state.
  • We are comparing taxi’s to UberX – Uber’s service where anyone who owns a car can “become a taxi driver”.

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