Big Problem – Wrong Solution
The Productivity Commission has finally released its recommendations for the superannuation system.  And not before time – there is nearly 3 trillion dollars in the system, and billions of dollars of fees are deducted each year from
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Spaceship vs Grow vs Raiz – The Battle for Your Superannuation
Superannuation. A word so boring that I almost fell asleep typing it. A big reason superannuation is such a snoozefest is we can’t touch it for 30 + years. The other reason is that the companies managing our super don’t exist to ma
Super Rollover – Not as Hard as You Think
Superannuation. Boring. We get it. But humour us for a second – we have already shown that not swapping funds can cost you $500,000 from fees alone. Now we want to show you that avoiding these high fees is much easier than expected.
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Know Your Superannuation Fees? It Could Save You $500,000
We know – superannuation is boring. Most of us can only access it in 10/20/30/40 years’ time so it begs the question – do we even need to care about it now? The big banks and financial institutions are aware that a lot of peo
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