Spaceship vs Grow vs Raiz vs Zuper – The Battle for Your Superannuation
Superannuation. A word so boring that I almost fell asleep typing it. A big reason superannuation is such a snoozefest is we can’t touch it for 30 + years. The other reason is that the companies managing our super don’t exist to ma
Super Rollover – Not as Hard as You Think
Superannuation. Boring. We get it. But humour us for a second – we have already shown that not swapping funds can cost you $500,000 from fees alone. Now we want to show you that avoiding these high fees is much easier than expected.
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How much do I need to retire?
How much do I need to retire? That is a question that every Australian needs to be able to answer at some point in time. Is it an easy question to answer? No What do the experts say? The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australi
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At What Age Should I Consider Retirement Planning?
(Spoiler – The answer is Today.) Let us explain. Retirement planning is something most Australians don’t really consider until they reach well into their 40’s and early 50’s. Even then, most people don’t educate themselve
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