Alternative Investments
5 Alternative Investments For Your Hard Earned Cash
As Australian’s we are taught from a young age that “property prices always go up”. This mantra has led many to believe that buying property is the only investment worth our time and hard-earned money. This has been further hamme
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Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Australia
We have all done it – gone onto Kickstarter or Indiegogo and thrown some money at some project we think will change our lives FOREVER (I am sure this app that I have purchased will get me speaking Spanish in 6 months. Que Bueno!) Thi
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Robo - Advice Wars
Robo-Advice Wars – Raiz (Previously Acorns) vs Stockspot vs The Rest
“Earning 1.5% interest per year in a bank account is incredibly exciting.” Said No one. Ever. The problem was that if you didn’t want to buy a property (or couldn’t afford one) and didn’t have the time or money to see a finan
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What Happened to Cryptocurrencies in January?
Last month we wrote an article about the basics of Bitcoin – since then cryptocurrencies have faced severe volatility – in January alone the price of bitcoin fluctuated more than 40%. This has resulted in bitcoin and blockchain
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What’s Next – Grexit, Departugal and Outstria? Our Views on Brexit
As you would have heard by now, the British population has surprisingly voted in favour of a Brexit.  That is, they voted to leave the European Union (EU).  The question we should all be asking is what does that mean for me? Backgrou
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