My Interest Rate is WHAT!?
There was a time not so long ago that interest rates movements were a simple thing. Once a month every Tuesday the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) would meet and decide if the overnight cash rate was going up, down or staying the same.
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What is My (actual!) Borrowing Power?
A key process for home seekers is understanding how much they can borrow. This helps buyers understand what type of properties they should be looking at. What determines borrowing capacity? The banks look at your net income when decidi
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Interest Rates
The Folly of The Comparison Rate
The Comparison Rate that every lender is forced to publish by the regulators is a farce and in fact can lead to poor decision making for loan seekers. Let us explain What is a comparison rate? Let’s start at the beginning – compari
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Scam alert
Mortgage Protection Insurance – a Big Fat Scam
Mortgage protection insurance is a scam. There – we said it. What is it? Ok – let’s back track a little bit.  Mortgage protection insurance is a form of insurance that mortgage providers offer to help reduce financial hardship a
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WTF is an Offset Account?
An offset account is a ‘regular bank’ account that is linked to your home loan and can help reduce the interest charged on your mortgage, allowing you to pay it off sooner. An offset account means more of your monthly payment is go
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