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1. Get a bird's eye view of your financial lives by connecting all of your accounts.
2. We deliver you a comprehensive financial plan for free.
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4. A map that evolves with you.
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What you get?
Harvard studies have also shown that those who set goals earn twice as much as those who don't. We will help you set goals, set a budget and smash those goals.
Chances are you are currently paying very high fees on your investments and superannuation. These fees will put a huge dent in your life savings. Plenty can manage your money for a fraction of the cost you would find elsewhere.
Odds are that you are paying higher interest than you need to on your debts. We analyse your current debts and make sure you are paying the lowest possible interest.
We hate tax as much as you. That's why one of our key aims is to get you saving as much tax as possible through better structures and smarter spending.
Asset Allocation. Diversification. ETF's. Modern Portfolio Theory. Confused yet? We take the confusion away by investing your money in the smartest way possible for the lowest fee possible.
Having a solid financial plan in place, and understanding how you are placed financially, will have a very positive affect on all other areas in your life.

What Does a Financial Adviser Do for You?

Only 20% of adult Australians see a financial advisor. That means 80% are

missing out. Why are they missing out? There are 3 key reasons:

1. Most financial advisors are expensive.
On average, they will charge you around $2,000 for initial advice and then a few thousand dollars each year for ongoing advice. Let's face it - financial advice is supposed to improve your financial situation, and these guys are making you take a backwards step before you can start moving forward.

Those clients who take the plunge will usually be better off for it, but the initial fees are such a turn off that most people don't even try find a financial adviser. At Plenty, we take this risk out of the equation by making the initial advice free, and charging only a fraction of what other financial advisers charge on an on going basis.

2. Most people don't understand what a good financial adviser can do for them.
The biggest cause of stress is money, and when you drill down, the biggest concern with money is not being sure if you can afford to achieve your goals in life - whether they be buying a home, going on a holiday, buying a new car, or anything else that you strive for.

Financial advice will show you what you can afford, when you can afford it, and how you can afford it. In some cases, the advice will make you better off by reducing fees you pay on financial products, reducing tax, reducing the interest you pay on debt, and improving your investment returns. In other cases, the advice will help you manage your cash flow so you only spend what you can afford, and that spending is directed in the most optimal way. Imagine feeling confident about money and having one less thing to worry about.

3. Most people don't trust financial advisers.
Historically, you can't blame them. Financial Advisors have acted in their own interests rather than their clients', and advisors' level of financial knowledge has left a lot to be desired. Did you know that in the past it was easier to qualify as a financial adviser than a hairdresser? Well these things have changed.

These days you need to be university qualified to become a financial adviser (in fact our chief adviser is an actuary with 3 degrees), and financial advisers aren't allowed to receive commissions for any investment or superannuation recommendations. One of the great things about digital financial advice is that the rules are very transparent. We can always point to any advice and understand the rules that sit behind it, and how those rules are built in our clients' best interest.

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